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Referral Agencies that aren’t SARA

The Planning Regulation 2017 – Referral Agencies that aren’t SARA (State Assessment and Referral Agency) Other than SARA (State Assessment and Referral Agency), the Queensland Government department which assesses some development applications, there are a number of other referral agencies that may need to be involved in the assessment of a development. A development application […]

Planning Regulation 2017 Referral Agencies

Planning Regulation 2017 Referral Agencies Having commenced on the 3rd of July 2017 we as practitioners are now working with the Planning Act 2016 and Planning Regulation 2017. Under this new legislation some development applications (material change of use, reconfiguration of lot, building work etc) still require referral to relevant agencies if a site is […]

Attached Detached Dwellings Permit

Duplex Development with a Difference

Approval Process For Duplex Development & Detached Dwellings If you are looking to develop a property with attached duplex dwellings on the Gold Coast there may be an easier way for you to get planning approval and reach construction more quickly if your property does not have the zoning which is preferred for attached duplex […]

Houses in a Demolition Control Precinct

With a large majority of houses within Brisbane being located in Demolition Control Precincts, and with what may be a new trend towards purchasing character homes, it is important to realize that renovation work may require a planning approval. This is of course dependent on the extent of works which are planned, and there are […]

Planning Approval vs Building Approval?

Some people often wonder what the difference is between needing a Development Permit for Planning Approval and needing a Development Permit for Building Approval. These are not the same thing and do not give you the same approvals. So what is the difference between needing a Planning Approval vs Building Approval? A Development Permit for […]

SARA (State Assessment and Referral Agency) – what happens now

Yesterday, 1 July 2013, saw the launch of the State Assessment and Referral Agency (also known as SARA) which is a result, and key component, of the planning reform undertaken by the Queensland Government. SARA has been introduced with the intention of contributing to the creation of the most efficient and effective development assessment system […]

Site Investigations by out Town Planning Consultants

Before committing to the preparation and lodgement of a Development Application we offer clients the option of having us prepare a preliminary investigation pertaining to their land and/or proposed development. These investigations can also be carried out if you are looking to purchase a property. This service is offered as we understand and recognize the […]

Logan City Council RiskSmart Accredited Consultant

Katrina Greaves has just been approved as a Phase 2 Logan City Council Risksmart Accredited Consultant for MCU – Dual Occupancy applications. Under the Logan Planning Scheme a dual occupancy use is defined as; the use of premises for providing residential accommodation being: (a) a building comprising only 2 lots used for dwelling units; or […]

Secondary Dwelling Queensland

Relative’s Accommodation / Secondary Dwelling Do you have family members that you want to accommodate on your land? Perhaps you want to construct a separate building / secondary dwelling to achieve this? Within the jurisdiction of Moreton Bay Regional Council this may require a development application to be lodged in accordance with the PineRiversPlan, Caboolture […]

Public Notification Town Planning Qld

What is Public Notification?

If you are proposing a development which requires Impact Assessment, then it will be necessary to carry out public notification. This notification involves placing an advertisement in the local newspaper, sending a letter to all immediately adjacent neighbours and positioning an advertisment on the property frontage. Each of these notification actions will advise details of […]