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How long does it take to get planning approval/permit?

The timeframe for getting a planning approval/development permit is largely dependent on the type of development and required assessment level (Exempt, Self, Code or impact). Other factors to consider include the complexity of the proposal, with regards to recognizing; if any referral agency involvement is required, if public notification is required, and if there are […]

What is a ‘Properly Made’ Application?

Properly Made Application Development Applications in Queensland are assessed in accordance with the integrated development assessment system (IDAS) and the first stage of this system pertains to the assessment manager establishing if an application is 'properly made'. For an application to be recognized as 'properly made' it needs to be: - made to the applicable [...]
Home Based Business Town Planning

Do you want to work from home? Do you need a Planning Approval?

Home Based Business Approvals It would seem that there is a continuing and, perhaps increasing trend towards home based businesses, whereby smaller companies are moving away from the office environment in favour of working from a residential home. In doing this it is recognized  that most local councils have planning regulations and requirements which pertain to these home based […]

Gold Coast Council Meetings Town Planning

Council Pre-Lodgement Meetings

What is a Pre-Lodgement Meeting? A Pre-lodgement meeting with council can be a useful tool in assisting with desired development proposals, prior to lodging a development application with the relevant council, whether this be for a material change of use or reconfiguration of lot that has a level of complexity whereby comment is sought before […]

Town Planning Stages of Application

Stages of a Development Application

Development Application Stages In preparing and managing the assessment of these development applications we follow the procedures and timelines associated with all applications lodged to local council, as summarised in the below stages; Stage 1: Development application is prepared including; assessment of proposal against local planning scheme, development plans, specialist reports, filling out of application […]

Town Planning Impact Assessment

What is Impact Assessment?

If your proposed development is subject to Impact Assessment it is noted that this is the highest level of assessment for town planning applications, in accordance with the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. Applications requiring this level of assessment establish the need for assessment of the proposal against the entire planning scheme,along with public notification. This […]

What is Code Assessment? Town Planning Services

What is Code Assessment?

Code Assessment relates to the application for assessable development, and requires assessment of a proposal against all relevant development codes with the local planning scheme which the subject site is located within the jurisdiction of. This level of assessment is required to ensure compliance is achieved in terms of the necessary town planning requirements. In […]

What is a Reconfiguration of Lot?

If you have been told that you require a Reconfiguration of Lot application to be lodged for approval with regards to your proposed subdivision, you might be wandering what exactly this term means. Reconfiguring a Lot is defined within the Sustainable Planning Act (SPA) 2009, and refers to; • Creating new and/or additional lots • […]

What is a Material Change of Use Gold Coast

What is a Material Change of Use?

If you have been told that you require a Material Change of Use application to be lodged for approval with regards to your proposed development or building works, you might be wandering what exactly this term means. A Material Change of Use is defined within the Sustainable Planning Act (SPA) 2009, and refers to any [...]

Secondary Dwellings and Granny Flat Approvals Queensland

Queensland Secondary Dwellings and Granny Flat Approvals It seems that the decision to accommodate members of ones immediate or extended family is becoming more popular, especially when considering the costs associated with purchasing property. As a result of this we are seeing an increase in the need for preparing development applications associated with 'family accommodation', [...]