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Town Planning Impact Assessment

What is Impact Assessment?

Town Planning Brisbane Stages of Impact Assessment
If your proposed development is subject to Impact Assessment it is noted that this is the highest level of assessment for town planning applications, in accordance with the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. Applications requiring this level of assessment establish the need for assessment of the proposal against the entire planning scheme,along with public notification. This notification provides opportunity for, and allows, public comment, through the placing of a sign on the land, notification letters being sent to adjoining owners and placing a notice in the local newspaper.
In accordance with Section 314 of the Sustainable Planning Act the assessment manager, which should be your local council, must assess a Code Assessable application against the following matters, where relevant as stipulated in SPA 2009;
(a) the State planning regulatory provisions;
(b) the regional plan for a designated region, to the extent it is not identified in the planning scheme as being appropriately reflected in the planning scheme;
(c) if the assessment manager is not a local government—the laws that are administered by, and the policies that are reasonably identifiable as policies applied by, the assessment manager and that are relevant to the application;
(d) State planning policies, to the extent the policies are not identified in—
(i) any relevant regional plan as being appropriately reflected in the regional plan; or
(ii) the planning scheme as being appropriately reflected in the planning scheme;
(e) a structure plan;
(f) for development in a declared master planned area—all master plans for the area;
(g) a temporary local planning instrument;
(h) a preliminary approval to which section 242 applies;
(i) a planning scheme;
(j) for development not in a planning scheme area—any planning scheme or temporary local planning instrument for a planning scheme area that may be materially affected by the development;
(k) if the assessment manager is an infrastructure provider—an adopted infrastructure charges resolution or the priority infrastructure plan.

An example of development that could be Impact Assessment, subject to review of a proposal against the relevant town planning requirements includes;
Brisbane City Council – Low Density Residential Zone: Multi Unit Dwelling (Apartments etc), Shop
Moreton Bay Regional Council (Redcliffe Planning Scheme) – Low Density Residential Area: Home based business (employees live off-site), Shop, Duplex, Food Service.