The Services Our Town Planning Consultants Offer

What can our town planning consultants do for you?

This town planning business is centered around Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Moreton Bay Region (Redcliffe, Caboolture, and Pine Rivers). However, our private town planning consultants are able to provide our clients with a reliable service throughout Queensland. We can look at any property, any location. Examples of other Council areas we have worked in are Scenic Rim, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands and Somerset. So what can we do for you and your property or development plans?

What services are available

Our town planning consultants can for a reasonable fee review your existing or prospective property (residential, retail, commercial, industrial etc). Following review an opinion is provided on the proposed development, with regards to the potential for development and to gain higher returns. These higher returns are achieved by rationalizing on the potential viability of greater building area on the existing land.

What services do our town planning consultants offer;

  • Pre Purchase Investigations – Find out what the zoning and constraints are. Find out what type of development is possible.
  • Due Diligence / Development Feasibility Studies – We can undertake a review of the relevant planning scheme / planning instruments. This can provide an understanding of what would be required for development.
  • Level of Assessment checks – We can check your plans of development and advise if you may require a development application or not.
  • Code Assessable Development Applications,
  • Impact Assessable Development Applications,
  • RiskSmart Development Applications – Some Councils offer a fast tracked development application process. This means your development could be approved and under construction much sooner.
  • Coordination with other consultants (Architects, Building Designers, Engineers etc) – Our town planners will liaise with all consultants involved in you project as required.

Our desired outcomes for successful property development are;

  • Higher returns,
  • Better use of land,
  • Higher asset value,
  • Greater ability for raising finance to achieve the above.

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Servicing Queensland including the regions of the Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Redlands, Logan, Scenic Rim, Somerset, Southern Downs, Gympie, Toowoomba, Fraser Coast and other Queensland local council areas. Find out what we can do for you as town planning consultants today.

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