What is a ‘Properly Made’ Application?

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Properly Made Application

Development Applications in Queensland are assessed in accordance with the integrated development assessment system (IDAS) and the first stage of this system pertains to the assessment manager establishing if an application is ‘properly made’.

For an application to be recognized as ‘properly made’ it needs to be:

– made to the applicable assessment manager (eg. Local council)
– in the approved form or made electronically under S262(3) of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA)
– accompanied by any supporting information which the approved form identifies as mandatory supporting information for the application
– lodged with the applicable application fee
– accompanied by the property owners written consent
– contain evidence of an allocation, or an entitlement, to a state resource if required.

If the assessment manager deems the application to be ‘not properly made’ a notice will be issued to the applicant, otherwise in accepting the application the assessment manager will issue an Acknowledgment Notice where required. An Acknowledgement Notice is not required for applications that are subject to code assessment, or those that do not require the involvement of referral agencies.

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