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Town Planning Stages of Application

Stages of a Development Application

Development Application Stages

In preparing and managing the assessment of these development applications we follow the procedures and timelines associated with all applications lodged to local council, as summarised in the below stages;

Stage 1: Development application is prepared including; assessment of proposal against local planning scheme, development plans, specialist reports, filling out of application forms

Stage 2: Complete development application lodged to relevant local council, including payment of council application fee by client

Stage 3: The local council (as Assessment Manager) must check that the application is ‘properly made’. The applicant is either advised by council that their application is ‘not properly made’ or they receive an Acknowledgement Notice. An Acknowledgement Notice confirms details of the application.

Stage 4: The applicant must provide copies of the application to referral agencies (Local, State and Federal Government Departments) if applicable to the application.

Stage 5: The Assessment Manager may ask the applicant for more information (Information Request) to accompany the application.

Stage 6: If applicable, referral agencies are permitted to ask for more information in the form of an Information Request.

Stage 7: Referral agencies complete their assessment of the application and provide responses to the Assessment Management and applicant.

Stage 8: If applicable to the application public notification must be carried out.

Stage 9: The Assessment Manager finalizes assessment of the application and issues the Decision Notice (Approval or Refusal)

Stage 10: If not satisfied with the Assessment Managers Decision, the applicant may choose to seek a Negotiated Decision Notice (this part of the process is not subject to any overarching timeframes).

Stage 11: The applicant must comply with all conditions of the approval issued.