Show Cause and Enforcement Notices

Addressing Show Cause Notices and Enforcement Notices

Do you have a Show Cause Notice or even an Enforcement Notice issued from your local council (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Moreton Bay, Scenic Rim etc), and not sure how to fix the problem?

Show Cause Notices and Enforcement Notices are local government/council notices given to those people whom are believed to be carrying out an unlawful land use or activity which is a development offence.  These generally stem from the commencement of a use or carrying out of development work or building work without the necessary approvals. Without the necessary approvals these uses and works are not lawful, and this needs to be addressed to avoid further problems. Such problems which could result through inaction include the closure of your business, or the demolition of a building/structure said to be unlawful.

In being of a time sensitive nature, the sooner a problem derived from one of these notices is looked at the better, especially if a development application needs to be lodged in order to gain the necessary approvals as this can be quite a lengthy process.

Matters which we often see in Show Cause and Enforcement Notices include;

  • Alleged unlawful building works – new building, extension to buildings, demolition of houses.
  • Alleged unlawful land use – operating a business on a site which is not zoned for that particular use, operating a use which does not have development approval.
  • Carrying out of works that require approval – changing ground level through fill/excavation

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