What is a town planner? What do town planners do? How can we help you?

As town planners and private town planning consultants we can provide assistance in;

  • Finding the right property that is suitable for future development;
  • Reviewing a property before purchase;
  • Identifying possible development opportunities available for your property or land you may be interested in purchasing;
  • Discussing any proposed development concepts with local government planners to identify any issues prior to lodging a development application for assessment. This might involve a formal prelodgement meeting;
  • Preparing and lodging a development application, which includes addressing development codes and policies from local council planning schemes;
  • Managing the assessment of a development application by local council, including addressing any requests for information;
  • Reviewing decision notices and alerting you to any concerning imposed development conditions;
  • Addressing matters concerning compliance issues, show cause or enforcement notices.

What is a town planner? What can town planners do?

A town planner is a qualified professional, holding tertiary qualifications which enable practice as a planner and generally membership with the Planning Institute of Australia. As private town planners (town planning consultants) we work on behalf of a developer or landowner.

We can review development potential of a property, assisting and advising on development proposals and land use possibilities. We can provide assistance during the conceptual design stage, working with architects and designers where required.

Early involvement in a project can be beneficial for identifying planning provisions that may influence development design. Although architects and designers are generally familiar with the standard requirements, there may be specific design criteria that apply to a lot or land use as outlined by the relevant planning instrument (planning scheme).

Early involvement subsequently assists in the preparation of a Development Application where required. These applications address the relevant provisions and requirements of the State and Local government planning instruments (planning schemes).

Town planners will act as the main point of contact between the developer/landowner and the applicable Government Departments (Council). Town planners will also liaise with other consultants during the process for a Development Application.

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