World Town Planning Day – Recognizing a profession that is not fully understood

Today, 8th November 2012 is recognised and celebrated over four continents as World Town Planning Day. Recognized as having a major influence over some of the greatest cities in the world, the purpose of this day is to acknowledge and promote the role of town planning in creating a built environment which is liveable.

An often contentious profession, planning brings together other professionals, builders, developers, politician, community interest groups and the general public as it addresses broader community planning issues as well as site specific development applications and proposals.

It would seem that many people are often unsure about the role of a town planner, asking what do town planner do?. This is understandable as the profession entails a considerable variety of roles and players. These include those planners that work for the public sector (government and associated agencies), those who focus on specialty areas such as heritage preservation, environmental protection, resource management, transport planning and economic development.

The promotion and awareness of this profession by the general population is considered essential in achieving desired outcomes, as ultimately the role planners play in the community has a significant influence on where we all live, work and play. This profession, in its many facets, ultimately looks to achieve a balance between the social, economic and environmental needs of all communities that is suitable in the present, whilst facilitating the future.

At Latitude Town Planning Services we work for, and on behalf of, developers and property owners whom are looking to, or already, propose development of a site and which requires the preparation, lodgement and management of development applications that are to be assessed by local council/government, state government or other local/state government agencies. We are able to undertake work in all areas of Queensland.