Planning Regulation 2017 Referral Agencies

Planning Regulation 2017 Referral Agencies
Having commenced on the 3rd of July 2017 we as practitioners are now working with the Planning Act 2016 and Planning Regulation 2017. Under this new legislation some development applications (material change of use, reconfiguration of lot, building work etc) still require referral to relevant agencies if a site is affected, however DILGP have now made it clearer and easier to locate referral agency triggers, applicable referral agencies, referral agencies powers and instruments which a proposal is then assessed against. This is provided for within the 21 parts of Schedule 10 (in the Planning Regulation 2017) and these parts address the following areas which pertain to referral agencies;
1. Airport Land
2. Brothels
3. Clearing native vegetation
4. Contaminated Land
5. Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERA’s)
6. Fisheries
7. Hazardous Chemical Facilities
8. Heritage Places
9. Infrastructure related referrals (Eg. state controlled roads)
10. Koala Habitat Area
11. Noise Sensitive Place on Noise Attenuation Land
12. Operational Works for Reconfiguring a Lot
13. Ports
14. Reconfiguring a Lot under Land Title Act
15. SEQ Development Area
16. SEQ Regional Landscape and Rural Production Area and SEQ Rural Living Area
17. Tidal Works or Work in a Coastal Management District
18. Urban Design
19. Water-related development
20. Wetland Protection
21. Wind Farms

Do you have a development on a subject site which might be affected by any of these areas? Your proposal might require referral for assessment by authorities other than Local Government (Council).

The Planning Act 2016 and Planning Regulation 2017 are extensive documents found at

To save the hassle we can assist in interpreting your specific needs more succinctly when reviewing a specific proposal.

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