Site Investigations by out Town Planning Consultants

Before committing to the preparation and lodgement of a Development Application we offer clients the option of having us prepare a preliminary investigation pertaining to their land and/or proposed development. These investigations can also be carried out if you are looking to purchase a property. This service is offered as we understand and recognize the significant costs associated with development and the purchase of property.

These preliminary investigations are intended to provide you with as much information as required before committing to a purchase or proposed development.
Consequently, these site appraisals, assessments and investigations can be carried out prior to the purchase of land to determine property development feasibility, as well as for land improvements and development of existing land holdings (such as vacant land or existing buildings) to identify feasibility of a project.

As part of our investigation we will;

• Review the site against local council planning provisions (identify zoning, and broad design requirements)
• Identify land constraints such as, but not limited to, bushfire, flood and landslide hazards
• Review State Government mapping to see if there is any state interest, including, but not limited to, for state controlled roads, significant vegetation, koala habitat, wetlands
• Provide details of the processes involved with development applications
• Identify approximate timeframes (in accordance with the Sustainable Planning Act 2009)
• Identify those associated costs which we can advise of
• Indicate the likely consultants which may need to be engaged
• Provide our recommendations for moving forward

Town Planning Services

At Latitude Town Planning We are able to carry out site appraisals and assessments for properties in all local government areas, with our primary resources based in Brisbane, the Moreton Bay Region (Redcliffe / Caboolture / Pine Rivers) and the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We are however able to carry out appraisals and assessments of properties in all local government areas so contact our town planning consultants now to discuss what we can do for you.

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