Logan City Council RiskSmart Accredited Consultant

Katrina Greaves has just been approved as a Phase 2 Logan City Council Risksmart Accredited Consultant for MCU – Dual Occupancy applications.

Under the Logan Planning Scheme a dual occupancy use is defined as;
the use of premises for providing residential accommodation being:
(a) a building comprising only 2 lots used for dwelling units; or
(b) land comprising a lot used for only 2 dwelling units.
An example being Duplex development.

If you are looking to carry out development of a property for dual occupancy/duplex then your proposal under the Logan planning scheme may be eligible for fast track assessment by council, through the Risksmart process. Council aims to resolve these applications within 5 working days, provided there are no critical issues identified.

Unfortunately not all proposals can utilise this process, however we can advise you following review of the relevant checklist.

Contact us now if you have a dual occupancy proposal that may be able to assist you with.