Project Portfolio

  • Material Change Of Use Town Planning Services

    Medical Centre Material Change of Use – Scenic Rim Regional COuncil

    Our client proposed the introduction of an all-inclusive medical centre occupied by the primary medical services that meet the needs of a small community, including doctor’s practice, pharmacy and pathology.

    Through careful medical facility design and planning, and consideration of local council requirements and the opinions of the local community this proposal for Material Change of Use was approved by Scenic Rim Regional Council. Although presenting the centre as a single development two Code Assessable Development Applications were lodged for assessment, as there is in fact two separate buildings and proposals involved.

  • Town Planning Extension to Existing Child Care Centre

    Material Change of Use – Extension to Existing Child Care Centre

    Extension to Child Care Centre
    Having reached maximum operational capacity our client was looking to extend their child care centre within the jurisdiction of Logan City Council. In preparing for this desired extension it was necessary to provide the required number of car parking spaces triggered by the increase in area, which resulted in the reconfiguration of the existing carpark to achieve this, after considering the physical constraints.

  • Town Planning Services – Brisbane City Plan

    Secondary Dwelling – Brisbane City Plan

    Within the jurisdiction of Brisbane Queensland City Council, this proposal involved a subject site in an Environmental Protection Area. The owner proposed a secondary dwelling on the site to accommodate family, and the provisions of the Brisbane City Plan triggered the need for lodging a Development Application as the total land area was less than 4 hectares.


  • Secondary Approvals Queensland

    House and Secondary Dwelling Application – Scenic Rim

    This application and approval relates to the proposal of a new house and secondary dwelling.

    Located at North Tamborine our client wanted to build a large family home (secondary dwelling), whilst retaining the small existing dwelling.

  • Material Change of Use – Hospital Brisbane Town Planning

    Material Change of Use – Hospital Extension Brisbane

    Within the local government area of Moreton Bay Regional Council, and under the provisions of the Pine Rivers Planning Scheme, this project  involved the planning of a hospital extension (material change of use), and subsequently reached development approval.

  • 2nd Dwelling Services Town Planning Qld

    Secondary Dwelling – Scenic Rim Regional Council

    Secondary Dwelling – Tamborine Mountain, Scenic Rim Regional Council

    This development application proposed a secondary dwelling on an existing residential allotment in the Village Residential Precinct of the Tamborine Mountain Zone, under the Beaudesert Shire Planning Scheme and within the jurisdiction of Scenic Rim Regional Council.  With changes to the planning scheme coming into effect at the end of 2013 the proposal was defined as dual occupancy instead of secondary dwelling. A development permit was consequently sought for Material Change of Use - Dual Occupancy, whereby the smaller existing dwelling was retained and a larger primary residence (the secondary dwelling) was proposed by the owners.


  • town planning brisbane

    House Extension in Character Area – Brisbane

    House Extension in Character Area – Brisbane, Brisbane City Council

    This development application involved a small parcel of land in an inner city suburb of Brisbane which is occupied by a house with character values (built prior to 1946) and therefore subject to planning controls in accordance with Brisbane’s City Plan 2000. This development application proposed a Material Change of Use - House Extension in a Demolition Control Precinct, and involved a design which also sought to achieve the retention of traditional building character. The house extension involved; new balconies and roof, building in under the house to create an additional storey, rear pool and deck, garage and retaining wall, front gate house and changing the internal layout of the existing floor areas.


  • Medical Centre Development Gold Coast Town Planning

    Medical Centre Development – Gold Coast

    Medical Centre – Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast City Council

    This development application for Material Change of Use – Medical Centre involved seeking approval for a dialysis clinic within an existing building.  Although defined as a medical centre in accordance with the Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003 a major supporting factor in this application pertained to the largely sedentary nature of the specific use when compared to a general medical practice, whereby this clinic would be much less intensive in its operations within this commercial building.

  • Detached Dwellings Town Planning

    Two Detached Dwellings – Gold Coast

    Two Detached Dwellings – Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast City Council

    This development application involved a vacant site within the Detached Dwelling Domain under the Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003, where there is a dwelling density of 1 house per 400sqm.

  • Realignment Redcliffe Town Planning

    Boundary Realignment – Redcliffe, Moreton Bay

    The owner wanted to complete this boundary realignment in order to keep the existing house, and create the opportunity for a new house to be built on a rear allotment. Consequently development approval was granted by Moreton Bay Regional Council in accordance with the Redcliffe City Planning Scheme for this boundary realignment.