Secondary Dwelling – Tamborine Mountain, Scenic Rim Regional Council

This development application involved the proposal of a secondary dwelling on an existing residential allotment in the Village Residential Precinct of the Tamborine Mountain Zone. The Beaudesert Shire Planning Scheme applied for this proposal, under the jurisdiction of Scenic Rim Regional Council.  As a consequence of changes to the planning scheme coming into effect at the end of 2013 the clients’ proposal was defined as dual occupancy instead of secondary dwelling. Following initial reviews a development permit was lodged to Scenic Rim Regional Council, seeking approval for Material Change of Use – Dual Occupancy, whereby the smaller existing dwelling was retained and a larger primary residence (the secondary dwelling) was proposed by the owners.

There was an existing approved building envelope over the subject site which had to be considered in by the client in their plans. As part of this dual occupancy proposal the development application involved proposing an amendment to the existing building envelope over the site to accommodate the new house. To reflect the outcome that was proposed to be achieved by the client it was decided that rather than extending the building envelope and increasing its total area the proposal would include segregating the building envelope into two areas (one occupied by the existing house and one occupied by the new house), which kept all buildings and ancillary service areas within nominated building envelopes and did not exceed the building envelope area that was originally approved by council. This proposal was a consistent use for the site and subject to Code Assessment.

Following assessment by Scenic Rim Regional Council this development application was approved in full with conditions, and the outcome achieved was in line with the clients intentions for their property.

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Scenic Rim Regional Council