What is a Reconfiguration of Lot?

If you have been told that you require a Reconfiguration of Lot application to be lodged for approval with regards to your proposed subdivision, you might be wandering what exactly this term means.

Reconfiguring a Lot is defined within the Sustainable Planning Act (SPA) 2009, and refers to;
• Creating new and/or additional lots
• Amalgamating more than one lot
• Realignment/rearrangement of property boundaries
• Dividing land into parts by agreement
• Creating of an easement giving access to a lot

Within the jurisdiction of most local government/council planning schemes reconfiguring a lot/subdivision is assessable development under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, meaning a Development Application needs to be lodged for assessment by the relevant authority. This can be either Code or Impact Assessable.

We can assist you in preparing and lodging an application if you are looking to carry out the subdivision of a property.

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