What can we do for you as town planners?

As private town planning consultants we can provide assistance in;

  • Finding the right property that is suitable for future development;
  • Identifying possible development opportunities available for your property or land you may be interested in purchasing;
  • Discussing any proposed development concepts with local government planners to identify any issues prior to lodging a development application for assessment. This might involve a formal prelodgement meeting;
  • Preparing and lodging a development application, which includes addressing development codes and policies from local council planning schemes;
  • Managing the assessment of a development application by local council, including addressing any requests for information;
  • Reviewing decision notices and alerting you to any concerning imposed development conditions;
  • Asking council for a negotiated decision notice if you are not happy with their conditions of approval;
  • Addressing matters concerning show cause or enforcement notices.


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