Brisbane & Gold Coast City Council Planning Advice, Appraisals And Assessments

At Latitude Town Planning Services our town planning consultants understand and recognize that the cost and time associated with property purchases and development is quite significant. Therefore we believe that town planning advice, site appraisals and assessments are important so you know as much as you possibly can before committing to a purchase or proposed development.

As a result of this, our town planning consultants can for a small fee provide you in 48hrs written advice, appraisals and assessments which can help you in investigating the chances of success for development of a potential property purchase or development of a property already owned, resulting in planning advice before committing to a land purchase or the work and cost of lodging a development application.

We are able to carry out site appraisals and assessments for properties in all local government areas, with our primary resources based in Brisbane, the Moreton Bay Region (Redcliffe/Caboolture/Pine Rivers) and the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We are however able to carry out appraisals and assessments of properties in all local government areas.

A site appraisal and assessment will present you with:

  • Approximate timeframes to get results, from concept to planning approval;
  • Associated costs;
  • The most appropriate method for progressing;
  • Details of the development application process;
  • Government planning requirements to be addressed for your development;
  • Land constraints that could threaten the success of your proposal;
  • Likely consultants which may need to be engaged;
  • The applicability/role of any state or federal government departments;
  • Recommendations for moving forward.

Site Appraisals and Assessments can be carried out prior to the purchase of land to determine property development feasibility, as well as for land improvements and development of existing land holdings (such as vacant land or existing buildings) to identify feasibility of a project. Such improvements and developments may include;

• Introducing a secondary dwelling/granny flat onto your property;
• Building a house;
• Townhouse development;
• Subdividing your land;
• Commercial property development, including taking up a lease (including medical and offices); and
• Other business ventures (including retail and industrial).
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