Secondary Dwellings and Granny Flat Approvals Queensland

Secondary Approvals Queensland

Queensland Secondary Dwellings and Granny Flat Approvals

It seems that the decision to accommodate members of ones immediate or extended family is becoming more popular, especially when considering the costs associated with purchasing property. As a result of this we are seeing an increase in the need for preparing development applications associated with ‘family accommodation’, ‘granny flats’, ‘relatives accommodation’, ‘secondary dwellings’, or ‘dual living’ as in most insinstance local government planning provisions trigger the need for assessment of a development application.

These Material Change of Use applications need to provide evidence of compliance with relevant local council planning scheme requirements, with regards to such items as floor area, building height, distance to the existing house and boundary setbacks. The application prepared for submission to the application local council will include a written planning assessment report, plans of the proposal development and code compliance statements, as well as the completion of mandatory state and local government application forms, as applicable to an individual proposal.

If you are looking to gain family accommodation, secondary dwelling, dual living, relatives accommodation or granny flat approval from your local council, Latitude Town Planning Services Pty ltd can help.

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